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seriously, I miss you badly
Thursday, 17 January 2013 | 21:09 | 0 comments
assalamualaikum..salam jumaat sekali lagi... herm... what to do today??? nothing to do selain menghadap lappy ni, bukak radio then main game, update blog..scroll up n down newsfeed fb.. tu je r.. xde bende ape lagi nak wat...

so suddenly i miss someone who is the most precious person in my life... and the person is not my husband of course.. because all the time in my life now i spend with him.. all day and night are with him.. but the most precious person in my life is my MOM... miss u so much MOM.. dont know why i cant wait to see you... i cant wait to hug n kiss u MOM... miss u so much...

n now i do appreciate what u have done for me... as one day i'll be a MOM too.. i'll be like u... the most sporting n the most responsible MOM in this world...

lots of love..
your lovely daughter..