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lovely marriage
Tuesday, 4 December 2012 | 19:32 | 0 comments

Loving you is like a dream come true. For each and every moment we spend together whether in person, online, or over the phone. Thoughts of you keep a smile upon my face and a quickening of my heart beat. For my heart and soul they do belong to you as your love for me has won them over. It has been the best time in my life and can only get better for each and everyday my love for only grows as since you have come into my life it has made me a new man with a lightness in my heart I have never felt before. You have touched me in ways that no one has before. I give you my heart with openness, so take care of it with tender loving hands for it belongs to you now and forever as also does all of my love and affections.

Marriages are made in heaven,
but the married couples are responsible for maintenance .