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suprise birhtday party and 1st annivesary of me and him
Wednesday, 9 November 2011 | 01:29 | 0 comments
assalamualaikum..~~ kawan-kawan
so now nak share some of my beloved moment
last week kte sambut hari raya korbankan
n at the same date on 6november is my birthday..
so they have been planned a suprise party for me..!!
aww.. terharu gitu..

so ape yg jadi on dat night is....
tgah borak2 dengan my beloved sisters n brothers..
tetibe blackout 1umah..
n i was wonder y umah i je yg black out
cause umah sebelah2 semua ade lampu..
then suddenly i saw there's a light candle 
n then all of my nephews and nieces
nyanyi lagu happy birthday untuk i..

oh my god..!!! i xterkate ape pon
sebab i da MENJERIT that time..
hahaha.. potong kek n then bgi semua org makan..!!
yummy3..!! hahaha.. 

semuanyer dirancang oleh my!!
thank u so much hubby..!!