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its all about love... L.O.V.E.
Friday, 19 August 2011 | 21:35 | 1 comments
apa yg kite leh ckap pasal L.O.V.E??
do u know wat's the meaning of love?
do u know why we called it love?
hahaha.. i also dont know why we call it love..
y not we call it wif something different?
hahaha... silly question...
okay guys... thre's some quotes i wanna share wif all of u..
my own quotes.. hahaha..
n i warn u.. dont be a copy-cat..
try to credit me if u use my quotes.. ngee..~~

as i close my eys,i'll see u infront of me..but when i close my eyes
u r not infront of me..but i can feel u r beside me..
with some love....

it looks like stupid quotes.. but i like it..!! i look like i care 
if u say I AM A LOSER???
hahahaha... if u did it.. quickly leave my page..!!!
hahahaha.. tata love..=D