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Another credits.

feveret staff + collegue..!!
Tuesday, 7 June 2011 | 20:24 | 0 comments
okay..this is ANIZ.... huhuhu..
hensem x?? ade sape2 nk apply jadi gf ke?
cause die single n available u know.. 
so pade sesape yg berminat cn pm me lah.. ahahha

n this is JACQULINE...betul ke aku spell nme die ni??
hahaha.. lyn nk kawen end of this week..
congrates my dear lyn..hihi...
she's cute ryte??? also come at the same place with me..
hihihi..JB MALI MA... hhuuhuhu

okay... this is me.. YAYA..!!!!
n we r discussing on some issue.. hihi..
isu lyn nk kawen lah.. but sementara die membebel..
i sempat snap pic.. hihi..

another pose from me.. kakaka..
n u know wat...
i pkai maxi skirt n my new blouse...
they told me i totally like a BOS..!!!
hahaha...LADYBOS..!! hahaha..

n last.. this is ANNE...came from THAILAND..!!
hihihihi.... n she's searching for a teacher
to teach her how to speak in malay.. huhuhu....
n i adalah cikgu sementara die.. untuk 6bulan saje...
hihihihihi..... kecian anne.. ape pon yg kiteorg ckp in malay..
die langsung x faham.. hahaha..